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  1. Narcotics
    I might be back soon.
  2. CobraBaz
    CobraBaz Simon
    Hi m8, the shop I sent it to for flywheel said they would try Match one up or would be able to mod one to fit but they managed to find an original one so went with that!
    Hopefully should be up and running soon, fingers crossed no more issues with it!
    I keep you updated :)
    1. Simon
      What a find..tell the shop I'll have as many as they've got!!! Sounds like your almost there mate - the bike is a joy to ride!! Good luck and keep us posted, cheers, si
      Sep 28, 2020
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  3. CobraBaz
    CobraBaz Simon
    hi simon
    by any chance do you have a generator casing for gj73a, for my cobra or know where i could find one?
    1. Simon
      Hiya m8..try yahoo japan as they do come up occasionally and you might get lucky..if you see one snap it up buddy..I think the last one I bought from there a few years ago was 30,000yen from memory but came cracked and holed so scrutinize the pictures carefully before bidding. Good luck with the hunting m8 and dont despair..how did you get on with your flywheel pal - did you manage to get it done?
      Sep 28, 2020
    2. CobraBaz
      Hiya m8, looked on eBay today& bought original parts & service manuals, seen it was Moff selling them, so spoke to him and got casing & stator for £40
      I just paid 110 for a stator and 160 for fly wheel :(
      Any way bike is being repaired in a shop, once casing arrives it ready for start up but after Pre-checks all looks A1 so fingers crossed she should be back next week then I jus gotta service brakes :)
      Sep 28, 2020
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    3. Simon
      Absolute bargain off Moff!! but sos to hear about the costs for the others already being paid for - pretty much everything else on them is attainable - if you've got a flywheel, stator and casing your almost there pal :). Do you know what bike they got the flywheel from and how they've modified it or did you manage to find an original one?
      Sep 28, 2020
  4. trevorlatala
    trevorlatala GreyImport
    I have paid for the resource option but it does not seem to work
    Best regards Trev
    1. GreyImport
      Hi Mate ... everything shows u marked as a premium member so should be working for you ... if not , sign out , then sign back in and then try a download
      Sep 23, 2020
  5. GreyImport
  6. trevorlatala
    trevorlatala GreyImport
    worth every cent /penny i derive loads of pleasure from the forum
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  7. GreyImport
  8. CobraBaz
    CobraBaz kiffsta
    Hiya m8 Simon told me you had gsxr250 in bits,,,, do you have flywheel by any chance?
    1. kiffsta
      Sorry no
      Aug 31, 2020
  9. tryin from China
    tryin from China GreyImport
    Hi there. I’ve read a lot of stuff relating to the carb gremlins with our 3ln1’s. I too have bogging down issues and flooding and stalling when I pull the clutch in. I’m seeking a simple answer cause I really don’t know: my bike didn’t arrive with a fuel pump. Is it necessary? Cause it’s about 12 dollars here in China.
    1. GreyImport
      People say they can run without them but they were designed to have one so I see no reason to not have it .... as u already know its the carbs that can be a big problem ... they need to be completely cleaned and overhauled and setup correctly to have any chance of smooth running .. start a thread stating your initial problems so all the experienced members here can jump in and help you ... cheers
      Aug 22, 2020
  10. garry55
    garry55 kiffsta
    Hi Kiff
    I am chasing an ignition switch + key and a seat lock + key + bracket for my Across 250. Can you help?
    Would require shipping to the UK.


  11. GreyImport
  12. Brandon Otte
    Brandon Otte Willrcr15
    Hey mate I see we have near identical fairings!
  13. kiffsta
    Bloody Australia post ,’still waiting for a small bag of parts , 2 weeks so far and it’s coming from Melbourne
  14. GreyImport
  15. GreyImport
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  16. Suzukititan
    Suzukititan kiffsta
    Hi Kiffsta,
    I dragged out the Kawasaki KV100 today to start cleaning it up with a view to putting it up for sale. Pretty good shape as I had coated parts with Ensis tropcproofing. Should I touch up some of the black parts , such as the exhaust with VHT, or just clean them as well as possible and leave it at that. I know that some people would prefer it to be left original. Any advice? Thanks
  17. GreyImport
    Thanx for the contribution @Andych !
  18. GreyImport
  19. GreyImport
    Thanks for the donation @Murdo !
  20. GreyImport