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New Profile Posts

  1. Oldskool666
    Oldskool666 kiffsta
    Good clean 250cc Bandit 1995 model in roadworthy condition 21000kms Red, open to offers
    1. kiffsta
      Cheers mate, I am in Brisbane, where are you ?
      Sep 12, 2017
  2. Oldskool666
    Oldskool666 kiffsta
    G'day, I have a Suzuki Bandit 250cc, anyone know anything about them
  3. Mr_Muddle
  4. kiffsta
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  5. chanuka
    chanuka kiffsta
    hey... can you plz send me some pics of camshafts positions in kawasaki zr250a balius
  6. kiffsta
    Parting out a 3yx zeal
  7. ZXR Kawasaki
    ZXR Kawasaki Frankster
    Trust me air box no filter best way
  8. ZXR Kawasaki
    ZXR Kawasaki Frankster
    Got your airbox and muffler on yet?
  9. ZXR Kawasaki
    ZXR Kawasaki maelstrom
    Hi. whats a thread !!!
  10. ZXR Kawasaki
    ZXR Kawasaki Mclaren
    Hi. I ,am looking to contact Peter Iwers about the Island Classic .can you help ?
  11. kiffsta
  12. kiffsta
    Looks like rain
    1. GreyImport
      Been raining non stop here
      Mar 30, 2017
    2. kiffsta
      We got a day off work
      Mar 30, 2017
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  13. kiffsta
    Great day for a ride
  14. Frankster
    Status Message goes here
  15. kiffsta
    Risky will be MIA for a bit, he burnt his hand, arm and head in a oven cleaning incident, he is at North Shore Hospital for treatment
    1. Kirk
      Hope it's not too bad
      Feb 9, 2017
  16. Jimmycc
    Jimmycc yongpc
    hi yong have you got the workshop manual for the cbf250 please regards jim
  17. Tim_
    Wants to test ride a gt650 hyosung
    FZRFANMICK maelstrom
    Hi mate, my name is Mick ( fzrfanmick ) and I would like to order one of your carby kits for the mikuni carbs on a fzr250 3ln3. Can you send me the prices and how I go about ordering. Thanks for your help, mick
    P.S. I tried to ring the number on the web site but it just rang out so maybe the time difference messed me up, if you could send me the number I'd appreciate the chat. Cheers mate
    1. maelstrom
      Just use PayPal to order from the website. Prices are in Thai Baht and you can get an approximate cost to AUD by typing into google like this 1600 THB AUD
      Jan 30, 2017
  19. DannyF
    DannyF Ben Mulligan
    Hi Ben, I read your bike rebuild thread, really cool stuff! I was hoping you could tell me what size carbs you ended up using?
    I have the exact same bike, however it is missing carbs and I would prefer to use roundslide or flatslide carbs.
    Thanks for your help
  20. kiffsta
    Out playing with a wet blasting machine