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this years project bike

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    This was never a pretty bike, and the years have not been that kind to her.
    Bad points;
    -seized brake caliper with snapped off bleed nipple, original rubber brake hose and very dark brake fluid.
    I've ordered new brake seals, received a new HEL braided hose and the rest can be dealt with when I get back home.
    -leaking rocker box cover, I'll whip that off and see the damage lying within
    carb is probably very dirty inside as it can be difficult to start and dies off after a couple of minutes, I'll take that off, boil it in lemon juice and water to give a good safe clean.
    -faded paint all over the bike, I will probably keep it clean and original,the next owner can try and make a silk purse out of this pigs ear.
    OR may restore in metallic grey with classic winged Honda badges
    -wheel rims are original but need a really good sand down and polish
    -frame rail ahead of the centre stand is rotted, will have to replace or reinforce correctly
    - one of the shocks has fallen apart, may try to rebuild
    - I've got plenty of time to fix things
    -no oil leaks elsewhere
    -wheels are undamaged
    -starts on the button when warm
    - new battery
    - all the lights work
    - exhaust is complete and only really needs a good polish

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