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VJF250 Neutral Light problem improved

Discussion in 'Daelim 250cc' started by gw, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. gw

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Safety Beach NSW
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    Daelim VJF250
    Posting this as I noticed a couple of people including myself are having having problems with the neutral light on the daelim.

    What improved my problem was I found my shifter spline was loose (very loose) and had jumped one notch forward on the spline.

    There is a marker on the spline which must align with with clamp according to the service manual.  Re-aligned and tightened it.

    Also I took off the front sprocket cover to locate the neutral switch (located just forward and below of front sprocket) the neutral switch has one mounting nut, that was also loose.

    [size=small]After sorting out both the above problems my neutral light is behaving 99.9% of the time not like before 5% of the time.[/size]

    [size=small]Let me know if anyone has any improvements on the above or if any others have the same problem.[/size]


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