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Help ZXR250C - Rebuild V2

Discussion in 'Kawasaki 250cc In-line 4's' started by DanoHosko, Oct 21, 2022.

  1. DanoHosko

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    Nov 26, 2019
    Mackay, Queensland
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    hey all, question...

    So since she's back on the road, she feels, shall we say, 'sluggish'.
    Rev's up to the full range, and I can't 'hear' any clutch slip, but yeah just doesn't feel as pokey as she did (I have dropped weight too lol).

    Couple things to note:
    - I noticed a bulge in one of my spark plug caps, possibly the cap is cooked and I'm just getting an occasional misfire?
    - Clutch would have been sitting there dry for a fair while, maybe I am getting some slippage but not enough to notice by sound?
    - I could check the carbs are still balanced but I would think if they weren't then my idle would suck and I would struggle to get the revs up?

    While she's been out of action, I rode a friends DRZ-450 in the UK for a day, and then another mates MT07 for an hour or so.
    Maybe she's not actually anymore sluggish than she used to be, bit just feels slow after riding torquey bikes?


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